Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exe, Pink P8400 Review

Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exe, Pink P8400 Review

If you are a person who wants to stay active and energetic throughout the whole day in order to use your day more productively, you need to do some exercise and work out for this purpose. In order to stay active, most of the people go to the gym but some of them have their own exercise bike at home and they prefer to workout at their home rather than going to the gym. It is more convenient for them in this way. 

There are numerous benefits of using an exercise bike. It helps you to maintain your health and helps you to lose your body weight by burning your fats and calories. It also allows you to maintain your heart rate. As you know, there are many different models of exercise bikes available in the market and it is very hard to find the best product. If you need any help in this regard, we are providing you a full product review in which we will be discussing its features, specifications and description. So, read the review and choose the best product for you. 

Sunny Health & Fitness P8400 Pink Overview:

If you want to stay healthy and fit all the time, this Sunny Health & Fitness P8400 Magnetic Recumbent Bike would be very helpful for you.


It comes with various interesting and advanced features that would be very beneficial for you and you will be able to keep your body in shape. 

Sunny Health & Fitness P8400 Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exe, Pink, 29 7 L x 12 2 W x 25 6 H


BrandSunny Health & Fitness
Item Dimensions LxWxH43 x 23 x 36.5 inches
Item Weight48.5 Pounds
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
Number of Resistance Levels8


  • Magnetic resistance 
  • Pulse sensor 
  • Adjustable pedals 
  • LCD display 
  • Heavy duty construction 
  • Wide and cushioned seat 

Sunny Health & Fitness P8400


If you are interested in knowing the features of this exercise bike, you need to read the following detailed description that covers all the features of this product. In order to make this bike highly effective and efficient, these features play a very important role.  

  • Adjustable magnetic resistance 

This recumbent exercise bike comes with 8 different levels of magnetic resistance. You can easily adjust the magnetic resistance by using the accessible tension knob as per your need and requirement. You can easily try fast, reliable and quiet magnetic resistance in order to achieve a challenging effective work-out. 

  • Pulse sensors  

The most interesting feature of this bike is that it comes with pulse sensors that you can easily grab during your workout. A pulse grip monitors your target heart rate and helps you to maintain it. You can always use the data from the pulse sensor to gauge your performance.  The better you know about your heart rate, the better you know about your fitness status. 

  • Adjustable pedals 

In order to provide your feet a very customized and secure fit, this bike comes with fully adjustable pedal straps and frame that allows you to control distance from your seat to the pedals. By having a secure fit of your feet, you would be better able to do exercise without any discomfort. 

  • LCD Display 

Due to having a LCD display, this bike allows you to easily track your time, speed, rotation per minute, distance, calories burned, pulse and wattage by using the performance monitor. If you want to keep the record of your daily workout, this feature would be very helpful for you.  

  • Wide padded seat 

In order to ensure proper blood flow in the gluts for prolonged and vigorous workouts, this bike features an extra wide and padded seat. This large seat will help you to maintain a correct posture and it increases comfort during the workout. 

  • Heavy duty construction 

Construction material of any product tells us how durable it is and how long it lasts. This exercise bike is made up of heavy duty sturdy steel that ensures its durability. Moreover, it provides up to 220 lbs. weight capacity. 


  • There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance 
  • Due to pulse sensors, you can easily track your heart rate 
  • Adjustable pedals provide you a very secure fit 
  • Due to LCD display, you can easily track your time, speed, calories burned etc 
  • It features a wide padded seat that adds more comfort 
  • It provides weight capacity of 220 lb 
  • Heavy duty steel construction ensures durability 


Poorly designed 


Each product has its own pros and cons but if we see the pros of a product, its cons could easily be cancelled out. This exercise bike comes with numerous features that will help you to keep your body in shape. So, hurry up and grab your product!  

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